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What’s in it for me?

You get – all bills, rent, furniture, Wi-Fi, TV, a cleaner. Even Netflix. Just sign up, switch off, spread out and say hi to your new pals.

Lokoom is changing the way renting works and bringing co-living to London.  That’s house sharing in London’s lovelier rentals with fellow professionals hand picked by us.

Sell co-living to me

Okaaaay. Co-living is community living in well-kept shared houses. Like-minded, thrusty young professionals like you move in with other like-minded, thrusty young professionals. You’ll share service costs and enjoy competitive rental terms.

It’s an instant community that’s pretty big in places like Copenhagen and New York. So therefore, it’s very, very cool and you should definitely do it.

Co-Living in London at it’s finest

Imagine a solution where both tenants and homeowners are happy…

…that’s Lokoom!

What’s included

All bills included

Fast WiFi

Close to transport

Modern Design

Weekly Cleaning


Corporate co-living in London

Sending your team to London? Hotels can bust your budget and aren’t very homey. So get your people under one roof, get them cooking food they love, interacting more, watching TV together, building bonds. You know it beats paintballing.

We’ll give you a heads-up on the whole area – where to drink, where to work out and where to spend your spare time. We’ll send a cleaner as often as you wish. We can even sort out the dry cleaning.

Got a house share to rent in London?

Selling might not be an option right now. But finally, you’ll have tenants you can love. That’ll be us.

But only if a guaranteed monthly income and a hassle-free property management for up to five years appeal to you.

Find out more about living your way

Still puzzled?

Read our co-living FAQs.

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Email us here. Or pick up the phone and call 0203 976 2444.