Why co-living offers tenants the perfect environment for working from home, and top tips to get the most out of your ‘WFH’ daily routine.

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us over the course of the past yearbut, in the process we have lost the sense of connection and productivity that comes from working in an office. Exchanging ideas in person and chatting in the kitchen with our colleagues often made our commutes (just about) worthwhile. But don’t fret, co-living can fill this void!  

With community at its core and a huge focus on communal living, as well as communal work spaces, co-living gives members a feeling of connection and much needed social interaction. When you become part of the co-living movement you can spend more time with your peers, bonding and using each other as a support network in the absence of colleaguesPlus, with fully inclusive rent and high-speed internet offered as standard, embracing the co-living movement is a no-brainer when it comes to the long term prospect of working from home.  

Separating your working day from your downtime 

As our homes have transitioned into becoming not only places to live but also to work and socialise, the downside is that it can be hard to separate the working day from your downtime. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of some of the best ways for you to keep energy and productivity levels high whilst working from home.. 

  • Missing your daily commute? No, us neither!  

But you might be missing that all important dose of morning fresh air, so why not swap your old bus or tube ride for an early morning walk or run instead. Head to your nearest park or grab a coffee from the local deli before settling down at your desk. Your brain will thank you for it!  

  • Eat lunch al-fresco 

As we look forward to spring and (hopefully) sunnier and warmer days on the horizon, there’s nothing better than enjoying a quick lunch al-fresco with your housematesAll Lokoom properties have gardens or outside space so there’s really no excuse not to soak up some Vitamin D and have a catch up on the days events.  

  • Eat, sleep, work, repeat 

Avoid spending all day in your room and set up ‘office’ in one of the communal living areas for the day. You might not have your colleagues around you, but Lokoom housemates are there to chat with and support each other at all times of the day 

  • End your day in a sociable way 

Don’t let working from home turn into working all hours of the day and night! At the end of the working day switch off your computer (and your brain) and relax. Cook a meal or share a drink with fellow members, call a friend, or catch up on your favourite Netflix series.